Main domain

The canonical domain for you application, ie or

Use a single C-name record to point to the hostname you received from Natch, ie Make sure you don't have a duplicate entry as an A-record.

cname   my combell

A TTL (time to live) value of 300 seconds is recommended.

Naked domain

A naked domain is one without www, ie Depending on the option your registrar offers, you can use forwarding or an external service.

Does your registrar support web forwarding?

Configure the web forward to redirect to your canonical domain (ie. Make sure the redirect is set to a HTTPS address and Cloaking is not enabled.

web forwarding   my combell

Does your registrar not support web forwarding?

Consider moving to a registrar that supports web forwarding, like Combell.

Otherwise, point your naked domain to using an A-record. This is a free server by wwwizer that forwards the naked domain to the www domain.