01 mrt 20212.27.0
Product toeslagenProduct toeslagen, zoals bv. een Recupel of Bebat bijdrage, kunnen aangeleverd worden vanuit het ERP systeem. Deze worden vervolgens weergegeven in het winkelmandje. Bij aankoop van een product waar een toeslag op van toepassing is, wordt dit ook teruggestuurd naar het ERP systeem.
WinkelmandstatistiekenCompleter & correcter bijhouden van statistieken betreffende het winkelmandje.
Document searchDoorzoekbaar maken van documenten zoals o.a. facturen, offertes, zendnota’s, … via verscheidene methodes: zoekopdrachten op basis van woorden, filteren op documenttype en zoekopdrachten op basis van een tijdsbestek zijn de meest courante methodes.
PerformanceBijwerken van Full Text Search zoekcontent i.f.v. een nog performantere zoekfunctionaliteit
ArchitectuurOndersteuning voor .NET5 i.f.v. de toekomstbestendigheid
ArchitectuurOndeliggend wordt gebruik gemaakt van SQL server 2019 i.f.v. de toekomstbestendigheid
Admin platform: holidaysHet beheren van vakantiedagen in het admin platform zodat o.a. de leveringsperiodes hierop worden afgestemd.
Admin platform: import file definitionsEen handleiding waarin je kan terugvinden hoe je de data moet aanleveren aan NatchOS teneinde dit proces te optimaliseren.
Admin platform: rollen en rechtenDe rollen & rechten worden weergegeven per storefront zodat deze overzichtelijk beheerd kunnen worden.
18 Nov 20202.24.10
QualityBetere continuïteit van de werking van de site door het vermijden van kleine mogelijke blokkeringen bij verwerking van stockdata.
Customer / SalesPerson / MultistoreMultistore relatie tussen customer en salesperson. Mogelijkheid om salesperson aan te duiden als zowel interne- en externe sales. Meerdere mainsalespersons mogelijke vanaf nu voor dezelfde klant.
12 Oct 20202.24.1
Performance / Basketimprovement when retrieving basket data.
BasketExtra basketlinetypes: CustomProduct en ProductSurcharge (example: recupel en bebat costs).
BasketShipping costs available in NatchOS
Multi-storeBasket stats for each store.
AvailabilityMore storage of blob data in Azure.
Multi-storeProduct_Store added: (= which products can be found in which store), as well as whether the product in a certain store is set as a certain promotion. With extra fields to know whats in which promotion.
08 Sep 20202.23.2

Admin platformSwitch to retrieve config from the running process instead of from the database.

Admin platformShow more import files when filtered on single file type. List was limited to 1,000 entries, but some send a lot of files per day, and then it only goes back 1 day, new restriction is now 10,000.

PlanktonWebservice REST API for data imports, completely rewritten in .NET core and now includes support for properties.
28 Aug 20202.23.1

Person / Multi-storeMulti-store for site statistics, for example lastactivity in certain store. Setup for more information or logging like lastbasketsent, …
11 Aug 20202.22.1

Multi-storeMulti-store support for sector list, for example in registration forms.
07 Jun 20202.21.1

Multi-storeMulti-store improvements, support for documents and baskets.

ProductNew supported relation types: IsVariantOf (same as IsModelOf in reverse direction), IsReplacementOf (same as Replacement in reverse direction.)
27 May 20202.19.1

Mollie Payment integrationIntegration with an online payment provider.

Basket / PerformanceFaster basket collection.

BasketAvoid skipping of checkout steps. No possibility to add basketlines in another window. This can happen, especially with shared basket at customer level. For example: during payment.

Login / MultistoreNew right "SignInAllowed", allows disabling sign in of person based on a role. Limiting options for login. Mostly important for multistore. For example: pure contact information.

GDPRRemoved all "Date of birth" fields (privacy).
19 May 20202.18.1

Basket / MultistoreNew fields for basket header to store payment information: Reference, Status, Provider, Method, Amount. Preparation for history and reporting.
29 Apr 20202.17.1

PerformanceChange how person favorites are stored internally to improve integrity (less errorprone) and searchperformance.
09 Apr 20202.16.1

Multi-store (preperation)Preparation for supporting multiple stores (ie. Frontend, Apps, etc). Multi-store phase 1: only catalogue without ordering. This feature allows the development of multiple storefronts on a single NatchOS instance (database) in which most of the logic and data is shared.

Product selectionLimit access to specific set of products per person under a customer account. Similar to baskette templates. Orderable products in lists available per person. The limitation is not only on purchase but also on searchability and visibility. For example: To avoid having to give an OK for each purchase proposal.

Random list of promotionsRandom list of promotions. Top x number of random products within one or more promotion types. Periodic listing of random promotional products.
24 Mar 20202.15.8

ProductSupport for multiple values as "available" for CustomerProduct. Availability for products and customer specific products. Example: exclusive products
02 Mar 20202.14.1

Generic product searchFirst implementation of Generic product search
10 Jan 20202.13.1

Promotion typesSupport multiple promotion types instead of just yes/no flag.

PerformanceImprove performance when loading categories into cache.
22 Nov 20192.10.3

Fulltext productsearchSQL server Fulltextsearch support on ProductData (ProductSearch support using fulltextsearch engine).
19 Nov 20192.10.1

ProductSupport absolute URLs (complete urls) for linking external hosted files to entities like product, category, … .

ProductImprove Misc XML validation for product and product ML.

ValidationSupport non-ASCII characters in e-mail address for default smtp implementation.

ProductSupport to detect changes in productdata in function of updating ProductsearchContent.
24 Oct 20192.9.1

BasketMore options to load baskets for person/customer w/ status and type.

Customisation processingAdditional entrypoint for running custom logic in shipping address and categoryproduct process.
02 Oct 20192.7.1

Shipping adviceKnow what shipping advice per department is possible for a basket by checking warehouse stock.
11 Sep 20192.6.1

Person RightsMore fine grained control for person management with 4 new rights: ManageInternalPerson, ManageExternalPerson, ManageInternalPersonPermissions and ManageExternalPersonPermissions.
28 Aug 20192.5.1

AccountAutomatically reset account lockout flag after 15 minutes.
07 Aug 20192.3.2

Revenue totalsRequesting and visualizing the turnover totals per customer.
31 Jul 20192.3.1

Products purchased togetherDetermine "products purchased together" based on existing invoice data.

ProductLoad online and offline product count with categories which may results in more dynamic navigation.

PropertiesImprovements for Properties 2.0 , refactoring properties schema.
11 Jul 20192.2.2

Rights assigned or revoked to a personDirect assignment of Rights to a person. Previously only via WebRoles. Also supports revoking a Right that was granted through a WebRole.

Google Tag ManagerAdded Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration classes. By using GTM in combination with NatchOS you have the following benefits:

Filtering on purchased productsSupport filtering on previously purchased products by using the data in Orders and Invoices.

AccountRequesting an visualizing first "log on" and "last activation" mail sent from Person.

PerformanceImprove category tree caching for performance.
27 Jun 20192.1.2

Admin platformRollout of our new tool, in which we offer the following today: View of processed import files; Follow-up of data integrity via Data Quality Report; Clear overview of roles and rights.

Alert for outdated basketNotification for basket-products that are no longer available and / or prices have changed for transparancy and to avoid confusion. Possible after the required configuration.

VouchersA customer can enter a discount-code for validation. The discount expressed will be shown in the calculation and deducted from the total. In the back office and / or a linked external system you have the option to create and manage these vouchers. A voucher can be allowed with certain products and / or product groups as well as with specific users within a certain duration.

Direct order entryIdeal to order products with a unique code quickly. Depending on the price calculation and order unit, the corresponding product is immediately added to the shopping cart when one product code is entered. This makes it very quick to order if the customer knows the exact product code.
2 May 20192.0.3

ValidationImprove duplicate login validation to avoid import fails.

PropertiesRefactor properties structure to latest NatchOS guidelines, allowing more flexibility and making custom development easier (properties 2.0).
26 Apr 20192.0.0

BasketBasket optimizations for performance and reducing deadlocks.

PerformanceSupport for parallel import of files.

.NET APIMajor improvement: .NET API now implements .NET Standard 2.0, making it compatible with both the newer .NET Core and the existing .NET Framework.
11 Mar 20191.21.6

QualityFaster development and less error-prone optimizations by creating link between Erp-Code and NatchID for processed entities.

CategoriesFixed an issue where product category sorting was not displayed correctly in certain cases.
28 Feb 20191.20.13

QualitySimplification of the structure for properties with a more stable import as a result.

PerformanceDatabase modification to the staging tables (dataload) to prevent wasted memory.

ReportingImprovement to NatchOS importer where start and end time is recorded per processed file including a status message on file level making it easier to know which files were processed or not.

FunctionalSupport to configure if a product is allowed to link to multiple models or not in order to secure data integrity. For instance : Productvariants like products in a certain color can refer only to 1 model product or to multiple model products.
18 Jan 20191.20.1

ReportingLink SetID to Import File - improves traceability (only for latest version of NatchOS importer).

SecurityLess predictable hashing by using Bcrypt's enhanced entropy. Password hashing according to current security standards.